The meaninglessness of life, the universe and everything

(With apologies to the late Douglas Adams)

I believe that, for humans, the belief in having a place in life, the universe and everything is a meaningless proposition. Humans do not have a meaningful place in life, the universe, nor anything else. To the universe at large we are meaningless. It doesn’t even know that we exist.
I here argue that since we do not have a meaningful place in life, the universe, nor anywhere else, we should just accept the meaninglessness of life and get on with it without worrying too much about the implications.
I never wanted children and have no intention of changing my mind, and hence leave behind no genetic inheritance, so life doesn’t care about me. The universe is too vast a place for me to be of even the slightest importance to it. Everything will continue on without me when I’m gone.
My family members might occasionally remember me in passing after I’ve gone, but looking at it realistically, unless I do something really noteworthy, no-one else will ever care or even notice when I die.
My only purpose in life is to live in peace with, and to do as little harm as possible to, my fellow humans and to try to find some happiness if I can. If I can help my fellows along the way to live better lives and maybe find some value and happiness in their lives, then I shall do so and count that as worthwhile. I know that in the long run it won’t matter, but living with even those simple principles gives me some purpose and continuity in my life.
Many people have proposed philosophies of life, but all require, as a beginning, that one finds life worthwhile and wants meaning in it. Since I believe that the only purpose in life is to produce the next generation – a dubious privilege I have declined – then I see no realistic basis for any such philosophy.
Religion, in an attempt to give meaning to life, proposes an afterlife in which I don’t believe, and is therefore meaningless to me.
At least evolution provides an explanation of why we are here and a reason why life goes on, albeit in an eventually, essentially, meaningless, to humans, way.
I believe that life is meaningless. Any meaning we give it is purely a human invention to which the rest of the universe pays no attention: It doesn’t give a damn. Less than that – it doesn’t even know that we exist to give a damn about. To the universe we are less than nothing.
It might be thought that my ‘philosophy’ would lead to despair, but that is not the case, because everything is meaningless, including despair. If despair has no meaning it can’t impinge on my life, so I can ignore it.
Feeling this way doesn’t bother me, since I choose to be realistic about it.
Since I never asked for this life, nor was asked if I wanted it, (given the choice I would have refused) I look forward to the oblivion that will come.

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